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Introduction to qualifications

This section contains information on General qualifications (GCSEs, A/AS, Advanced Extension Awards), vocationally-related qualifications (GNVQs, GCSEs in vocational subjects and vocational A levels) and occupational qualifications (VQs and NVQs). QCA's searchable database of accredited qualifications is available at www.qca.org.uk/openQUALS/

QCA is currently undertaking a review of the National Qualifications Framework. An update of the work on the framework is available on this site.

Level of qualification General Vocationally-related Occupational
5 Higher-level qualifications
BTEC Higher Nationals
Level 5 NVQ
4 Level 4 NVQ
advanced level
A level Free-standing mathematics units level 3 Vocational A level
(Advanced GNVQ)
Level 3 NVQ
intermediate level
GCSE grade A*-C Free-standing mathematics units level 2 Intermediate GNVQ Level 2 NVQ
foundation level
GCSE grade D-G Free-standing mathematics units level 1 Foundation GNVQ Level 1 NVQ
Entry level Entry level certificate

QCA provides a European and International dimension to England's curriculum and qualifications systems.

  • Also available in this section are the following:


A/AS levels

GCSE and
GCSEs in

GNVQ and
A levels

VQs and NVQs


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